Genset Efficiency Monitoring System

Genset Efficiency Monitoring System

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We are Offering Genset Efficiency Monitor which is micro-controller based measurement concept which combines genset fuel consumption and power output measurement in one single compact instrument. Apart from displaying the live on line genset efficiency in Units/Liter, it provides logged data transmission on a RS485 link to a remote PC, completely automating genset efficiency monitoring, a most vital need in power house management. It is facilitated with wide digital screen which displays accurate and precise measurement. It is offered at leading market prices.


  • Directly interfaces with Fluidyne 'Genset Fuel Monitor' for Fuel Measurement.
  • Directly interfaces with Engine ON/OFF Transducer for run hrs logging.
  • Displays resetable & cumulative totaliser for Units, Liters & Engine Run Hrs.
  • Logged data transmission to remote PC on RS485 communication link. 
  • Measures net fuel consumption for 50-1500 KVA Gensets.
  • Built in Energy Transducer for energy measurement.
  • Displays dynamic on line efficiency in Units/Liter for each Liter consumed.
  • Built in Real time clock for data logging on 24 hr basis for all parameters.
  • Software utility for PC provided to view logged data in Excel format.
  • Provision for daisy chaining sixteen monitors to one single PC.


Accuracy Flow Measurement

+ 0.5% of reading

Energy Measurement Display

+ 1.0% of reading


9.99 Unit/Liter


9999 kw

Fuel Rate

999 LPH

Units Tantalizer

9999999.9 KWH

Fuel Tantalizer

9999999.9 Liters

Hrs. Tantalizer

999999.99 hrs

Real Time



  • Fuel Flow Signal from Fuel Monitor.
  • CT/PT Input from Genset Panel.
  • Genset ON/OFF Signal from Engine
  • ON/OFF Transducer.


  • RS485 Communication link to PC.
  • RS485-RS232 Converter for link to PC
  • COM port.

PC Report

Genset Daily Log Report in Excel format

Power supply Dimensions

AC 230v 50Hz mains supply